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2007-11-26 03:21


I'm home^^
By the way until some time ago, it was the previous band’s roadie Hikaru.
Pururu~pururu resounds my phone.

Hikaru: “Nagi-san, is it ok if I kidnap you now?”

Nagi: “Well, it’s ok.”

Hikaru: “Well then from now we’ll be fit!

Nagi: “What? Seriously?”

Well, it was kinda overbearing but I also met up with him because suddenly I was with Hikaru^^
I received headphones as a present☆
Since he suddenly called my phone it was not really a kidnapping (laugh)
But I like it in that sort of very unexpected slope! (laugh)
We discussed various things and music☆
However hi hair was all messy after having got up.
What a cute guy right^^
Anyway, lets do our best at tomorrow’s live!!

Well, goodnight

The End

Aha... I've finally returned! I do sincerely apologize for the insane delay. I completely lost motivation after my laptop died, and then there was the whole holiday season familyness!  So now I'm forced to post on this grand POS that for some reason REFUSES to post the pictures and the stars, so I apologize for the lack of emotocons and pictures in the upcoming posts. I'll make sure to come back and try to fix them later ><

Discussion topic? Um... if you could kidnap a member of Viored, who would you stuff into your bag? XD

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