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Viored's messages

As you probably already know, Viored is going to disband on the 23rd of February. I've translated their messages on the ohp.
I wasn't very fond of doing this --maybe you can imagine-- so it might be not really understandable and fuller of (grammar) mistakes than ever before.

Please support them until the end, as good as you can.
Write them letters or send them fanmails or whatever, their address is:

Viored [Member name]
Naobiru 301
Shinjuku 5-3-15
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

"To all fans"

For always supporting us, thank you very much. This time, there is an important notification from Viored.

Viored is going to disband in February.

As for the reason of breaking up, the members received the intention of the vocal Kei last year in November "due to personal affairs I want to leave Viored", there were many talks with the staff, however, at the end of last year it turned out that we couldn't obtain the communication with Kei.

As a result, "Kei, Yuuichi, Nagi, seiya and Kou who are Viored as five people" cannot continue their activity in this shape, as there is no meaning in Viored like this, for this reason the conclusion of the break-up was made.

As for Viored's last live on the 23rd of February 2008 (Saturday) at Takadanobaba AREA, the remaining members (Yuuichi, Nagi, seiya, Kou) will come to the oneman.

It was only a short term of the activity, however, we'd like to thank all the fans from whom we received support, all the people who were with us, the members and all of the staff. There is only little time left but please support Viored to the extent of guiding them until the end.


Timely records corporation

Viored's last public performance [Chaos]
23rd February 2008 (Saturday) Takadanobaba AREA
Open/18:00 Start/18:30
Adv/¥2,500 Day/¥3,000 D代別/¥500

Play guide
Sale start: 20th January (Saturday)~
Lawson ticket: L-Code (71593)
Like an Edison shop in Tokyo

※ The lives at Shibuya O-West (31st January), at Nagoya E.L.L (20 February)  are being canceled. Concerning the already bought tickets, because the details of each event differ, you can receive correspondence at any time. Please understand this. All fans, all involved people, for all these heavy troubles we'd like to apologize.


Yuuichi's comment

To start with the end of last year, the physical condition of Kei was already reported at the live with four people, and we have to apologize that the official announcement doesn't turn out to be equal to that communication. Because I would have never thought that the live on the 24.12.2007 would be the last that we held with 5 people, there are honestly many sad feelings and many indecisive feelings !

More than for these feelings, I am really sorry for the anxious feelings and for the troubles that we created for our fans !

We had many talks among the 4 members, it became the form of a short time of approximately one year and three months of activity, however, for the sake of all the fans who supported us, as for the distinction of Viored, in the shape of four people honestly with what ever we can do ... I don't know to which extent though, I want to close the curtain on the breakup live of the 23rd of February !

I still can't sort out my own feelings, however, I want to have them sorted out until the 23rd !

Really, for this time of one year and 3 months that I was in Viored, I certainly want to thank the fans who were supporting me on the new road that I was walking as a guitarist !

Thank you


seiya's comment

We only kept you waiting and as a result of this waiting we had to make this type of report, which I really think is inexcusable. Honestly, I am mortified myself and I can't help it. I can't understand this unreal reality, and until we made the decision we took little time, however, courage was given to the members and the members of the office who tried to challenge theirselves positively, and gradually also I have come to facing forward.

The "Viored" that we and with everyone have desperately maintained until now, in the end has been made the most supreme band, this is now my greatest wish.

Let's make the last live in our usual way the highest hot live. I believe that we and everyone is able to do it.


Kou's comment

First of all, from the last live until the report of the present condition and so on, it suddenly ended up with the withdrawal of the Vocal Kei as well as with break-up of Viored, and I am deeply sorry to all of the authorised people, and more than anyone else to everyone of the fans that we created so much sorrow and so many troubles.

We didn't want to make you worry, however, I can't clearly understand how the previous things evolved into the current situation in which I couldn't talk irresponsibly.

We were discussing also about the live at the event where we were only 4 people, however, in our present situation we can't show you a satisfying stage, finally it has become a progress in which I have to regain my self-control. To everyone who was looking forward to it, that we had to betray you like this, I'm really very sorry.

Especially Nagoya and the other places we can't come to so frequently anymore, I have many feelings that it's inexcusable, that we can't have a live there anymore is very deplorable.

Kei's reason for his withdrawal itself is by no means something that I can't understand fully, however, the details that led to the present situation, regarding the result, my true feelings are that personally I am unable to understand them.

In the end, Viored is breaking up at the 23rd of Febraury at the Takadanobaba AREA oneman. I want to apologize to all the people who have supported us until now, and I want to show my gratitude as best as I can and I so that I can make do that look out on it with all my power and my whole body.


Nagi's comment

First of all, I'd like to apologize to the fans and the people who supported Viored that suddenly ended up in this shape. I am sorry. Honestly, there are many parts that I don't understand myself, the days on which I try to sort out my feelings continue, however, we had various discussions and the result of them became this decision. About Kei, there are things that I'd like to tell him personally, but not here in this comment. Only this "is this okay for the fans who like Kei and for the people who like Viored ?" I'd like to tell him.

Every opinion of the people seem to differ etc, there seem to be also people who cannot understand, however, please, I want you to catch yourself.

One year was a short time, however, thanks to everyone who supported us. In the remaining time I will stand on stage while I am thinking about the thing of being a guitarst. The usual things aren't usual anymore and I am scared, however, with all my might I want to try to be happy. Maybe it's selfish, but I want you to support us.

Well then, let's meet at the live
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We were right to be worried but I would have never guessed it would end like that :s
I can't help but be angry at Kei for leaving things like this, for disappearing and letting the band stand on stage for their final live like this ... uncomplete, with only 4 people, they started as a 5 members band, they should end the same way but well we'll probably never know his reasons.
I like Nagi's comment, it's the most "open" message and I appreciate the question he indirectly asked Kei.

Thanks a lot for translating, I really hope the guys will come back soon with maybe the 4 of them + a new vocalist ^^'
yeah, alas we were right D:
I would have liked if Kei said something to the whole affair, at least say goodbye or something ... I'm a but disappointed too ...
Yes, I liked his comment too ^^

you're welcome~ ... it would be great if they came back ... I'd really miss them otherwise
Really, they shouldn't apologize that much.

The only one who should be apologizing is the one that didn't say anything at all - Kei. As a fan of Viored, as someone who respected him as a vocal, I feel betrayed.

I still can't believe that it came to such a dramatic end.
I thought so too ... sie sollten jetzt nicht die sein müssen, die alles irgendwie ausbaden dürfen oder so ... *sigh* ... I kinda feel betrayed too ... it all went way too fast x__x ...
first the lives that were canceled and only 4 days later their final decision ... that's too much ...
I feel betrayed too, i don't undestand Kei and i want to know more about his situation.. I can't believe that Viored will finished in 1 month .. does he really care about his fans ? weird.
I'd like to know more from Kei's side too, but as it seems he kinda ... disappeared .. I guess we won't hear anything from him .. D:
I hope that he cares, but then he could say something ...
Thank you SO much for giving us the mailing address, I was thinking about writing to them and I was wondering where to send it to. Thank you also for your translation, I'd read about it somewhere else but not in the detailed manner that you provided. I'm angry and disappointed with Kei, I cried when I found out they were disbanding. I truly hope that we will see the other members in another band, either together or separately, in the future. I feel really let down by Kei. I guess really it was a decision that he felt he had to make but I can't help but feel disappointed that he hasn't made some kind of statement or anything yet.
Oh, no problem ! I thought it could be of use, glad I could help ! ^^ Yeah, I hope we will see them back again soon, too .. I really hope so ...
Kei should really have made some sort of statement ... at least say goodbye ...
I still wait for a miracle that they announce that, nevertheless, they want to go on now .. but yeah, I guess that won't happen D:
*hugs tight* How did you react when you found out?
ehe ^^" .. I cried a lot and after that I was just trying to ignore it .. but that didn't work *lol* I'm thinking about it all the time ^^"
;_______________________; I can totally imagine, I got the news first thing on Wednesday morning when I woke up and it totally ruined my whole day, I cried and I can't stop listening to them. I thought about you though, cos I was like "I wonder how the girls on viored_blogs are, they must be so upset ._." *hugs*
same here x_x .. hearing about such news first thing in the morning isn't really a good way to start the day ... *sigh*
Aw, that's sweet of you ! thank you, ne !! ^^ *hugs back*
yeah me too i can't stop listening to themmm. I wanttt a miracle kei's backk XDDD -.-
Wow.. I can't believe it.. Wow..

It was too soon.. way too soon. I love them so much. >_> They shouldn't feel like it's their fault. It happens. I like their messages. I'm really disappointed that Kei is just gone.. without saying anything.
*huggles* Y____Y
Oh fuck. X_x

I really... really... really... love them as a band. They have their unique sound and ... I'm at a loss for words, I won't try and put my thoughts into words now.

I can understand that sometimes personal problems just let you want to give up everything and not care anymore, I don't know, but there are selfish situations when everything else, to you, doesn't matter... I guess it's that way with Kei. It's wrong, to us, but... I hope he's getting out of that situation, if it's one of such a quality.

T_T I'm so disappointing about this new >.< Please Yuichi came back in new band T____T


January 18 2008, 10:42:22 UTC 9 years ago

i really wana find out what's with kei..
he's my fav member..): thanks heresy for translating..
This is really disappointing. :( Now I'm curious to what's really up with Kei.
Hi I'm new. Directed here by a friend when she broke the news to me a few days ago.

Wow I can't believe Kei won't even show up to the last lives. I can't believe it's ending like this. Just like KuRt. It's hard to not have all memebers there being supported by their fans when something like this happens *pouts* I guess whatever he thinks is best, I will accept it.

I'll always love Viored and Kei and everything about them.

Thanks for the translations!
i think it's different in kuRt's case. tenten wasn't feeling right about continuing with the band and you could tell that he was struggling with himself for some time and really gave it alot of thought before deciding to leave kuRt. in the end he wrote a really long message on the OHP stating his reasons and apologised.

but in this case.. kei simply left. in the middle of the lives? and he doesn't come out to give an explanation on the site at all. his sudden intention to leave was already sad but he shouldn't have just left in the middle of the lives like that. and in the translation 'we couldn't obtain the communication with kei' i wonder if kei had decided to suddenly cut off all contact which is very puzzling and i don't understand as to why he would do this. i think he needs to say sorry and not let the other members do it on his behalf because there are kei fans out there who wants to know what is going on and at least have a sense of closure.

other than that, thanks for the translations. i'm so slow to the news *facepalms*