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Viored Blogs

Viored Translations ☆
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☆ Welcome ☆

Welcome to the LJ community for the translations of Viored's blog entries !!

Due to Viored's sudden sad disbandment this community will no longer be updated.

You will find all sorts of translations in this community.
Please join if you are a fan of Viored. Comments are very welcome, but not necessary ^_^ We like active participation !

Look up the archive here first, before requesting
→ ☆ Entry Archive
→ ☆ To-do List

☆ Official Blogs ☆

You can find Viored's blogs here →


Viored's OHP

☆ Important ☆

Please note that we are not native speakers of Japanese (kiyoshiyuu is not even a native of English, hence the bad grammar, sorry >>"). Thus corrections and suggestions are very welcome ! But we'll try to translate the entries as accurate as possible.
Please do not post our translations or romanizations anywhere else without permission ! Never claim any translation as your own !
Thank you

☆ Contact ☆

:: translators: kiyoshiyuu (Yuuichi), mio_funjata (Nagi), chibi_waru (Kei), Kou and Seiya are translated when we've got the time for

If you would like to help translating, or if you'd like to affiliate, contact kiyoshiyuu.